Mystery Dungaree Bundle

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Due to the time it takes to put these bundles together please allow up to a week for dispatch.

This mystery listing is for a dungarees bundle with a retail value of at least £42. All dungarees are across all brands that we stock at Eva’s World and in this bundle are all organic. Unless you specify a gender or likes/dislikes we will pick at random for you which means it could contain any of the prints we have. 

Welcome to one of our mystery bundle listings. 

Please find all of the the information you will need below. 


1.What will be included in my mystery bundle? 

Each bundle will have information about what they include. The key here is that the bundle is a mystery though so you will be ultimately be getting a surprise. 

2. What happens if brands have dual sizing? 

Some brands are dual sizing such as 98/104 and could be included in your mystery bundles. If you know that a particular dual sized item is too big or too small for your little one please detail this in the comments box. A listing which says 2-3 or 98 May include a 98/104 item unless you state you do not wish to have these. 

3. Can I return my order if I don’t like it? 

Mystery boxes are not refundable due to the amount of administration involved in releasing them and they are being sold for less than retail so are therefore sale items. However if you are not happy with your purchase and you feel we have made a mistake or an item is not up to the quality standard you are used to then please email 

You are welcome to sell any items in the Facebook group afterwards for a fair price reflective of what you paid. 

4. Can I specify exactly what I would like in my mystery bundle? 

No, otherwise it takes the mystery away. BUT..... please write in the notes section of your order if there are any items you already have or preferences for example colour schemes, theme etc. We can not guarantee but will do our best to meet any requests. By purchasing a mystery bundle you are agreeing to the mystery and letting us choose for you. 

5. Will it only be one brand? 

Unless otherwise listed your mystery bundle bundle could contain any of the brands that we stock at Eva’s World. 

6. Will it only be past season stock? 

No it could be from any season that we currently have in stock. 

 Feedback from past mystery bundles has been amazing!


£22.00 £30.00

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