LAST ONE Duns Conkers Velour Dress 86/92 18-24m

Product Description

We are bringing you a really new and innovative product. Duns haven’t gone down the polyester route as they have kept 100% true to their values and have produced a 100% cotton velour. Another reason I love this brand so much!!!

So a bit about the velour and care instructions direct from Duns.....

What is velour?
Velour is a fabric that can be woven or knitted. For velour the loops has been cut into hair. Fabric with un-cut loops is called terry.

Why do we have a 100% Organic cotton velour?

1/ We dislike synthetic materials.
2/ The GOTS standards does not allow us to use more then 8% of polyester in a product. For a polyester blend velour we would need 18- 24 % of polyester. With polyester we would get a thinner, smoother velour. This velour would have a great shine and a synthetic hand feel. But this kind of velour is not an option for us.
3/ We are proud to have 100% organic cotton velour. A 100% cotton velour is more heavy than a synthetic blend velour. The hair of a 100% cotton velour is shorter compared to a synthetic blend velour. The look and hand feel has more in common with terry than a synthetic blend velour. (It’s still really soft though)

When you remove the velour garment from the plastic bag there might be creases from the folding. Shake it out, put it on a hanger or put the garment on and the crease will be gone. A 100% cotton velour makes long lasting garments.

What are the dye/print options for velour?
- Solid velour. The fabric is dyed in one solid colour.
- Printed with Bleach. The fabric is dyed in one solid colour and then printed with bleach (This is not an option we approve).
- Printed velour. The hair of the velour is all over printed. Bottom is un-dyed. This is the option we have chosen.

The ironing on the zip suits have made the “hair” fall to one side but one wash inside out and even a tumble dry will make the "hair" fall into the right position again.

So in conclusion, Duns and Eva’s World feel that this is a rare opportunity to be able to offer 100% organic printed cotton velour without ANY polyester.
£16.00 £24.00

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