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Eva's World update...... 24


I've been asked a lot of times over the past few weeks what's happening? Have I found anywhere else yet? 

So I thought I'd give you all a little update. After the very sudden closure of the shop and cafe I had to pack up in a few days. I had to let my amazing, dedicated staff know they'd be unemployed, I had to let suppliers know not to deliver again and I had to let you all know that you wouldn't be able to come into Eva's World again.

You would lose your community, your safe place, your cake, coffee and smiles, your support, your comfy pink sofa or your play space where your littlies could play and you could be a grown up for just a few minutes while you chatted with friends or drank a hot drink for once. 

I haven't had much time to process it all and there was so much planned for the future for Eva's World and the community it represented . I've had very exciting meetings that were already booked in and I have more happening over the next couple of weeks. We are 'On Tour' and events will be announced shortly. 

The past year at 68-70 Cornwall Street has been the hardest thing I've done in my life, I gave it everything I could, I really did. I did it for me, my family, my staff and for you. I wanted it to work, it could have worked but now things have changed. 

I've had time to rethink, I've reflected on the hard lessons the last year has thrown at me and I don't want the hard work and immense knowledge that I've gained to go to waste and be in vain.

There will be lots of updates over coming weeks, I hope to be back at some point with a new improved version of what we had. I have so many big plans and hopefully with the support of the city I will get there.

What can you do to help?

For the minute I'm still trading online please think about us if you're looking for gifts, clothing etc. Share our Facebook page, share the website, leave reviews on products you've bought and keep us ticking along.

AND.......we will be developing a business plan and need your help. Can you comment on this blog post with what Evas World and Cafe Be meant to you? Why did you like coming to us? Why do you think the city needs Eva's World? Anything you think that can make people understand that it was more than just a cafe and shop. 

Finally......THANK YOU as always. It has been and I'm sure will continue to be, emotional : )