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Is Eva's World expanding? 0

Since starting Eva's World in 2011 it has changed and developed over the years to become what it is now. I love what I do, I love our products and I love that Eva was my inspiration for starting it. 

I like to listen to customers and open up our offering of products and from this month we will be stocking cloth nappies and a beautiful range of nursing necklaces. 

So....are we expanding? Well, we are most definitely working on plans for the future of Eva's World but if I told you what they were I'd have to kill you ; )

BUT something that will be expanding is my waistline!! 

I am now 16 weeks and growing daily. We are all very pleased and are awaiting our next scan at the end of August to see what flavour it will be. We are just too impatient to wait.

Did you find out or did you want the surprise? 

Christina, Eva's Mummy and Business Owner