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I've been asked a lot of times over the past few weeks what's happening? Have I found anywhere else yet? 

So I thought I'd give you all a little update. After the very sudden closure of the shop and cafe I had to pack up in a few days. I had to let my amazing, dedicated staff know they'd be unemployed, I had to let suppliers know not to deliver again and I had to let you all know that you wouldn't be able to come into Eva's World again.

You would lose your community, your safe place, your cake, coffee and smiles, your support, your comfy pink sofa or your play space where your littlies could play and you could be a grown up for just a few minutes while you chatted with friends or drank a hot drink for once. 

I haven't had much time to process it all and there was so much planned for the future for Eva's World and the community it represented . I've had very exciting meetings that were already booked in and I have more happening over the next couple of weeks. We are 'On Tour' and events will be announced shortly. 

The past year at 68-70 Cornwall Street has been the hardest thing I've done in my life, I gave it everything I could, I really did. I did it for me, my family, my staff and for you. I wanted it to work, it could have worked but now things have changed. 

I've had time to rethink, I've reflected on the hard lessons the last year has thrown at me and I don't want the hard work and immense knowledge that I've gained to go to waste and be in vain.

There will be lots of updates over coming weeks, I hope to be back at some point with a new improved version of what we had. I have so many big plans and hopefully with the support of the city I will get there.

What can you do to help?

For the minute I'm still trading online www.visitevasworld.co.uk please think about us if you're looking for gifts, clothing etc. Share our Facebook page, share the website, leave reviews on products you've bought and keep us ticking along.

AND.......we will be developing a business plan and need your help. Can you comment on this blog post with what Evas World and Cafe Be meant to you? Why did you like coming to us? Why do you think the city needs Eva's World? Anything you think that can make people understand that it was more than just a cafe and shop. 

Finally......THANK YOU as always. It has been and I'm sure will continue to be, emotional : ) 


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  • Christina Hudson
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  • Caillean Batty
    Caillean Batty

    We loved coming to Eva’s world, it was a safe space where you know nobody was going to tut at the kids! Nice coffee and cake catering for allergies too and good range of food for littles too. The staff were so friendly too and there was always something going on like baby sensory or sling swing etc. It is definitely missed!

  • Leslie

    Evas world is a great place for mums like me, its the only place in Plymouth (that I know of) where there’s a play area for little ones, a baby-friendly place where we can just sit down, have a drink and relax. I’ve met a few friends from here, the staff and owner are always very helpful and welcoming. The baby shop itself has a unique selection of clothes, toys, and carriers that made the place extra special. Hope to see this lovely shop open again one day.

  • Carol

    Eva’s world welcomed my toddler and I when we moved to Plymouth! We made some lovely friends and had fun. Now there is nowhere to go in town with a hyper little one :( We look forward to hearing what you will be doing next xxx

  • Lana

    There is so much that Eva’s world gave us I wouldn’t even know where to start! My son and I have new friends that help me be a mum. I became a peer supporter after the help I received there so I can now in turn help others. I found being at home made me feel ill. Being there meant I wasn’t wondering aimlessly around town. My whole life has changed having my baby I really don’t think I would have got through without the staff and friends I met there. I feel like my 2nd home has gone. ?

  • Jennie

    I was sad to hear that Eva’s world had shut so suddenly and unexpectedly – having recently given birth to my second boy, I was really looking forward to visiting this little haven in the city centre. The city centre is so un-child friendly and Eva’s world (and cafe Be) was a breath of fresh air. Somewhere relaxing to comfortably breastfeed, socialise, shop, eat and drink and let the little ones play in safety. What an awful loss – such a great concept – there should be a chain of these around Plymouth for everyone to enjoy if you ask me!!

  • Sarah Plester
    Sarah Plester

    My son is Anaphylactic to milk and eggs and evas world was the only place i know of where we could share gooey vegan chocolate cake together.

  • Katie

    I’m so sorry to hear of recent events but I’m totally rooting for Eva’s world and Cafe Be. I’m from Plymouth but now living in Australia, and one thing that has struck me since moving here is how much better cafés are at accommodating the needs of small children. Soft play is very commonplace here but also outdoor play, sensory play, promoting healthy choices. How wonderful if Cafe Be could really go to town in the future and provide a bigger and better place for families to relax, have fun together and meet friends. I sincerely wish you all the luck in the world. Plymouth has long been lagging behind as a true destination for the whole family – you were making such a huge contribution and im excited to see what the future holds.

  • Katie

    As I live far away from a city centre, going shoe shopping or any kind of shopping with two little boys isn’t the easiest thing so I make it a day out for us. Eva’s World made it so much easier. As they offered healthy foods for my toddler and I could breast feed my baby comfortably, I was happy to go there for lunch. So many restaurants and cafes don’t offer the fresh food platters….chips instead. I like chips and so does my boy but a healthy change is refreshing. The coffee was a real treat for me. The soft play gives toddlers a place to stretch their legs and burn off some energy. Nothing was too much effort for the staff…Jo patiently showed me countless times how to wear a Kali sling. The sling was great quality too. The clothes are lovely and not just the blue boring jeans or joggers most clothes shops sell for boys and we love the toys. Everytime we visited I would meet friendly mums, all chatting freely and bouncing ideas off each other to help us with our precious little ones. Christina has clearly put her heart and soul into this fantastic business and I sincerely hope it continues for her, the staff, the community and for me. Quite frankly, without it, I will be steering towards online shopping instead as for those of us living out in the sticks, a shopping trip without Eva’s World just won’t be fun for me or my children. I find it devastating that Plymouth continues to loose these lovely, unique shops and I am partly to blame for such closures if I shop online, but I refuse to drag my children around shops and offer them no fun on a day out. Wishing Eva’s World and Cafe Be all the best with their new chapters.

  • Ruth Rees-Williams
    Ruth Rees-Williams

    Eva’s world was the first and only place I managed to breast feed in public. I was encouraged and supported by the other people there and it meant the world to me. It’s also where I would meet the ladies from my ante-natal class. We were all able to keep in touch because of the warm and welcoming environment Eva’s world provided. We all miss it very much.

  • Sarah Marshall
    Sarah Marshall

    I discovered Eva world when Christina was at the other end of the town. I fell in love with the toys for my little boy who was then 1. He still loves those toys now.
    I became pregnant in 2016 and felt poorly after being in town. Christina was supportive and gave me the confidence to attend triage to find that I was in a slow labour.
    Evas world is a very friendly informative place and independent. Not another costa. A place were you can talk to other mums. They sold fantastic products and introducing cloth nappy kit. They were also very knowledgeable when I bought my sling. Somewhere also nice to breastfeed your baby aswell and not in the smelly mothercare room where I fed my little boy. Hope your back soon Christina . Xxxx

  • Gemma

    Eva’s World was so much more than a shop. It was a supportive and friendly environment for parents. As someone who struggled with loneliness and depression after having my baby, I would try and get out of the house as much as I could. It was a place where other parents would always chat and be friendly (including Christina), and you didn’t have to feel too self-conscious about breastfeeding/baby crying/toddler throwing their food around or doing loops around the shop laughing maniacally (just my kid, then?). It was a community hub, not just a shop.

  • Adele

    Cafe be was a place to takeabreak. be able to sit down and have a drink while my little boy had fun. A place for children to be children during a shopping trip. I loved the fact i could get a dairy free treat there too so that my littleboy could share.

  • Jenny

    Going into town with my daughter felt so much easier when Eva’s World was there as I knew there was a place we could go to relax and she could let off steam.
    The delicious food and drink are a bonus.

    There definitely needs to be a play cafe in the city centre.

  • michelle mcdonald
    michelle mcdonald

    I never went out and met up friends till Eva world opened I didn’t like meeting friends in public if my little one wasn’t happy I lost my friends and stayed home all the time , I know my little one was happy safe when I was in there and I enjoyed watching her play be happy and mix, and I also got to mix too and have adult talk, since Eva world closed I haven’t been out there’s no way child friendly like Eva world’s was, sad to see it go .

  • Zoe

    Eva’s world was a safe place for me and somewhere I felt comfortable taking my children! Also the first place I breastfed in public…My little girl absolutly adored Eva’s world and is generally sad that it is no more! Such a lovely community so welcoming and not a negative person to be seen I am grateful for Eva’s world as I wouldn’t have met any of the amazing and kind hearted people I have had the pleasure in associating with defiantly some friends for life! Christina was also a massive help in my breast feeding journey armed with lots of advice she was always a listening ear somebody I could trust made me feel less alone and was always smiling! Such a credit to her family aswell as herself :) <3

  • Vicki Baylis
    Vicki Baylis

    Evas World was the only place in the city centre where I could sit and have a hot drink and adult conversation whilst knowing that my 18 month old was safe to play and run around. It had such a friendly atmosphere and you could guarantee that even if you didn’t know anyone when you walked in, by the time you left you’d have found someone to chat to!

    It was more than just a shop and a cafe, it was a support system and community to so many parents and we all feel lost without it!!

  • Claire Strudwick
    Claire Strudwick

    Evas world was a good shoo and cafe kind thoughtful staff bit expensive if o n budget but hey only play place for kids in town bring bk evas world

  • Claire

    Evas world was a good shoo and cafe kind thoughtful staff bit expensive if o n budget but hey only play place for kids in town bring bk evas world

  • Tia Richards
    Tia Richards

    I remember the first time I visited Eva’s world. I was a new 1st time Mum with no support from my family because they lived in Exeter, and I had no friends who were mums etc. I was suffering badly with post natal depression as my little boy was very poorly and I completely collapsed when I couldn’t breastfeed anymore.
    I had heard about Eva’s world through Facebook and saw that they had a ‘stay and play’ on a Monday morning. So I decided I would drag myself out of my house for once and see what it was like.
    I walked into the shop which was practically empty, and was instantly greeted by two lovely ladies who made me feel like I had known them for ages. I felt welcome and at home.
    I soon found myself leaving the house and making the half hour trip into town just to go to Eva’s world. I realised I had found something there. I had found support, I had found friends who are mums, I had found family.

  • Charlotte Knight
    Charlotte Knight

    Evas world has been a safe and secure place for my family since my little girl arrived in August. I suffer with mental health issues and my daughter has multiple allergies, so finding a safe place for me to be comfortable and have confidence is hard to find. The staff at Eva’s world helped me through some rough times and has always been there as a shoulder to cry on. My confidence grew massively when meeting new mums in the cafe and in groups.

    Since the closure of the shop I’m at a loss when I’m in town knowing there is not really a safe environment for my daughter to sit and play now she is at that age. I always feel as though I’m frowned upon by other people when I do things.

    Please help bring our community back

    Eva’s world will return.

  • Sam

    Walking in for a coffee and familiar faces when you’ve had a tough night / morning / day / week felt so much easier to do than going into any other city centre cafe. Struggling to look human, doesn’t matter. Baby pukes and poops whilst you’re mid cake, someone will help. Boobs on show as it’s about getting the right position to feed baby, no one bats an eyelid. There’s NOWHERE else you can walk into and instantly feel like you have a friend or several! It was a real community, and it didn’t matter if you stayed for five minutes or five hours and ate brunch, lunch and afternoon tea. It gave support in so many ways and often was the excuse I had to get out of the house with out feeling like a bad mum for craving a coffee and slice of cake. Come back soon (please!!!) x

  • Amie Lord
    Amie Lord

    Eva’s World/Cafe Be was a warm and welcoming safe haven for parents and young children, and a ‘Hub’ for everything family oriented. I could bring my children, have a vegan coffee/cake while they played (instead of stressing about what they’re doing or trying to keep them occupied long enough to drink a hot cup of something!) I could breastfeed comfortably, find out about local activities for families/children, access support, and shop all in one place!

    As a local children’s group leader I was also in the process of discussing hiring a space on the premises to run my groups from. I’d love to work with Christina again in the future.

  • Louise Parmenter
    Louise Parmenter

    Eva’s world was a lovely little place selling great things and offering that something extra that places in town don’t! The thing I loved the most was I could go in there with my son and breastfeed him amongst like minded people and feel comfortable doing so! Everyone who visited was friendly and of similar mindset. The play area in the cafe was brilliant, it meant I could relax with and enjoy a hot cup of tea knowing my little one was safe and enjoying himself! Really miss Eva’s world! Plymouth needs an Eva’s world!

  • Kate

    Great place, I discovered it when my daughter was 8 months old & only wished I’d discovered it when she was a newborn as I was a bundle of nerves joining after her, not to mention like most new mums a walking zombie! A brilliant concept in a relaxed atmosphere & so sad to walk past the empty shop the other day,

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