Eva’s World The Journey

Eva’s World The Journey

My Eva’s World journey so far......

A little story, I’ll try not to waffle but can’t promise anything!

I started Eva’s World as a baby shop that was a bit different to others in 2011 after opting for redundancy from a well paid managerial position in the Welfare to Work Industry. I worked with individuals with complex needs for nearly ten years and loved it! I LOVE people you see.

Anyway, Eva’s World was something I started to fit around my first daughter Eva, now 8. I ran my little business on Facebook and attended various events. The business evolved and I opened a small shop on Plymouth’s Barbican in the mysterious place that is The House That Jack Built. Check out the little hidden treasures if you’re in Plymouth.

I stayed there for a while and started working at Uni at the same time supporting students with mental health conditions. This was a role that I absolutely loved and is something I’m extremely passionate about. I decided to move into the city centre and open a bigger shop at the bottom of town. I continued my uni work and loved the shop with its comfy sofa area for visiting parents to chill out.

My dream was to open a play cafe, focussed on parent but child friendly. A place for parents to enjoy a hot drink, yes a hot drink. Not a Luke warm or cold coffee after being reheated twenty times in the microwave. Oops I’m waffling, told you I couldn’t promise.

So in November 2015 I opened up a much bigger shop with a play cafe, Cafe Be as part of it. And wow what a challenge that was. It really was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, I lost weight, I was constantly stressed and felt sick the majority of the time but my god did I love it. I loved the customers and seeing the beautiful people that supported and used the business, many of whom I now consider good friends.

Anyway, in February 2017 after an amazing January and with lots in the pipeline my landlord decided to go with a less risky tenant and give me my marching orders. Before you say he was horrible, he was well within his rights as I was in rental arrears from the first year. But we were just making real progress and I thought this is it, it’s going to be amazing. On many occasions I wanted to give up but a community was created I didn’t want to let them down.

Dinosaur Eva’s World
I know it’s missed but friendships were formed, lives supported and lots of hot drinks were enjoyed. Oh and I also had Be, my second daughter in January 2016, I know I was mad to do it at the same time as having a baby but I do like a challenge.

After I shut I didn’t know what to do with myself, I was an utter failure! I’d let myself down and everyone else. I was lost. I’d seen the same smiling or sometimes crying faces regulatory for a year and a half and not seeing them made me sad.

So.... I dusted myself off, picked myself up and carried on my shop online. Back to where I started but with a tonne of knowledge and lessons learned. The people along the way who supported me I will be forever thankful to, you inspired me to carry on and kept me going when times were tough. The people who were not so supportive I thank you too. You’ve taught me invaluable lessons that have made me stronger.

A year on from shutting and I’m very busy, could always be busier though so keep those orders coming ha ha!

I’ve been running the business from a VERY small spare room at home, whilst packaging orders I often take over the dining table and invade our home with boxes, business cards and plastic worms from the seal on packaging. Adam hates those! He’s supported me through all of this in every way and kept me sane, I owe it to him to get the worms out of the house ; )

Baby shop Eva
Time for change, a little change but an exciting one. Eva’s World on Tour has found a new room, yes just a room but it means better business. Another local business The Perfect Package have a wonderful room above their shop which I will be renting. It means access for local customers to come and look at stock, it means more efficient processes, it means more stock and new brands who wouldn’t stock us without bricks and mortar.

I will be taking personal shopping appointments for those of you who would like help to pick out your little ones new wardrobe. I will be accessible on the days I’m open to collect or view items.

So it’s not huge, it’s not Cafe Be but it’s a positive step that will help us grow and give Eva’s World a new little home for now. I will also have a kettle!

I can not thank you all enough for your support whether that’s been since I started or a new order yesterday. EVERY single bit of support matters to me so THANK YOU for allowing me to do something I love and allowing me to still watch my children grow up and enjoy them.

*I do not want to move everything from here to our new home so will be showering you with offers to help me clear some bits before the move. 


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  • Christina Hudson
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  • Kay Lamb
    Kay Lamb

    Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the faith you have in my daughter Charlotte. You have given her a new purpose in life and belief that she can achieve anything she wants too. A true role model for her. Thank you xx

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