Blade and Rose competition at Eva's World

Blade and Rose competition at Eva's World

Blade and rose giraffe competition Eva's World Plymouth

We are VERY excited to be welcoming the new AW17 collection any day now at Evas World and to celebrate we'd like to offer one lucky winner a full set of leggings, a top and 2 pairs of coordinating socks worth £28.

All you have to do is look through the AW17 collection on here and let us know which is your favourite.

Comment on the blog post with which you'd like to win and I'll pick a winner on Sunday evening. Competition will close at 9pm on Monday. 

I'm frantically working on getting all the separates uploaded, tops £13, leggings £10 and socks £5 but if you can't see what you're looking for then please just message us using the button in the top right. 

UPDATED: Thanks to everyone who entered. I've numbered you all and there were 182 entries! We are so pleased you like the new collection. Please visit the website to order yours or come and see and see us at Make 140 Vauxhall Street on Monday 10th July. We will be showing the new collection and you can buy yours on the day, I'll  also be running a few a giveaways on the day too! Check out the details here:

The lucky winner of a stunning fox set is Tracey Cooke. You were picked as number 34 in random number generator, well done. Please contact us to arrange your prize. 

Thanks for supporting an independent business, means the world! Please check out the rest of the collection here, FREE postage until Sunday. 


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  • Christina Hudson
Comments 191
  • Amy

    I love the crocodile.i get so bored of blue clothes after having 2 girls and now a boy. I love them all but the croc with green and orange defo a winner for me!!!x

  • AMie

    I love guitar set and also really like train set! Not sure which I’d get as I think guitar edges it for me, but think Roo might say trains! X

  • Anna Purslove
    Anna Purslove

    Love the hard to choose though!

  • Michelle

    It would have to be the train set! It’s lovely!

  • Emma burnett
    Emma burnett

    So many to choose from for my little lady . She loves these outfits but I Love the flower the most x

  • Jessica HOcking
    Jessica HOcking

    I love the badger set! My little girl would love it :)

  • Natalie Lewis
    Natalie Lewis

    the fox set and the cactus set and the star set is gorgeous!

  • Zoe Haughey
    Zoe Haughey

    The pink badger set is my favourite ?

  • Emma Greenwood
    Emma Greenwood

    Raccoon set is my fav and would look fab on my daughter x

  • Hilary Iles
    Hilary Iles

    The train set! Although it’s a hard choice!

  • Nikii Maslen
    Nikii Maslen

    My little man would LOVE the crocodile set!! He’s a big fan of anything with gnarley teeth ???

  • Kate

    I love the crocodile blade and rose set. Thank you for the opportunity. I miss your cafe x

  • Tashy

    I love the fox! ?

  • LIn Howell
    LIn Howell

    Submarine set love the colours

  • Lynnette Childress
    Lynnette Childress

    Fox not doc!!!

  • Lynnette Childress
    Lynnette Childress

    I love the doc outfit. So cute! X

  • Emma jenkins
    Emma jenkins

    We adore the little fox set! I’m due our third baby and we already have a Dylan Dinosaur, our Ollie-Bear and this little cub has already been dubbed Freddie Fox lol so this would be perfect! xx

  • Claire

    I think the crocodile set is a winner for us. Thank you for the competition. :)

  • Caroline Salter
    Caroline Salter

    Love the crocodile set so bright

  • Joanne

    I love the guitar one :)

  • Terri Bruce
    Terri Bruce

    My little boy would love the croc set! Gorgeous! X

  • Kirstie Eyres
    Kirstie Eyres

    I love the croc set so bright and colourful! Xxx

  • Vikki

    These are fab! My favourite is the badger with glasses though x

  • Vikki

    These are fab! My favourite is the badger with glasses though ? x

  • Paige Prescott
    Paige Prescott

    It’s a tough choice between the fox and the cactus!

  • Helga JAck
    Helga JAck

    I love the crocodile !

  • Rachel

    I love the fox set ?

  • Gemma Daw
    Gemma Daw

    Love the pink racoon

  • Megan Honey
    Megan Honey

    I love the cactus set! Xx

  • Maxine Dimbleby
    Maxine Dimbleby

    I adore the sheep set ? ?

  • Trudy

    The gorgeous cactus blade and rose set ?❤️

  • Jade Perring
    Jade Perring

    So hard to choose I love both the crocodile and the fox! Would love the fox for my not so little boy

  • Kate

    Love them all! But fox will always win. Xx

  • Na tasha Rose
    Na tasha Rose

    Giraffe please! xx

  • Samantha Drury
    Samantha Drury

    I absolutely love the giraffe set for our little bean! Would suit bit or girl I think which is good as we don’t know what we’re having yet! ;)

  • Claire

    I’d love the fox set for our little dude ? Thanks for the chance to win xx

  • Margie Barnett
    Margie Barnett

    Ohh dear! All are so beautiful but my fav def is the pink and turquoise birds. Finger crossed! Thanks

  • Alice Rumbold
    Alice Rumbold

    Stanley could rock the Cactus set!

  • Michelle

    Love the crocodile ? set!!!

  • Callum W
    Callum W

    Would love the cactus set for my little boy ?

  • Victoria Harrison
    Victoria Harrison

    Absolutely adore the guitar & fox set!! ❤

  • Alison Ellis
    Alison Ellis

    Would love the giraffe set?my boy would match his nursery!thanks for the chance to win

  • Carla Gasson
    Carla Gasson

    Would love the giraffe set!!


    They’re all amazing, but I’d be totally over the moon to win the fox set! Xx

  • Saira Wood
    Saira Wood

    Cactus! I’m obsessed :) it’s adorable and perfect for my little tomboy xx

  • Lisa wAkeman
    Lisa wAkeman

    So hard to choose!!! I think the cactus is our fave, closely followed by the guitar, stars and foxes!!! Fingers crossed for a win!

  • Cat Wright
    Cat Wright

    We love the ? foxes. Adorable !

  • Kim Grantham
    Kim Grantham

    Guitar set would look fabulous ! Great competition! Thanks

  • Ruth

    It’s got to be the submarine ones, although they are all pretty cute!

  • Jayne Denneny
    Jayne Denneny

    My little 7 month old Orla says that her favourite would be the giraffe set – mummy agrees xx

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