Breastfeeding is a walk in the park, isn't it?


My experience of breastfeeding Eva was far from straight forward although she fed well, including a 6 hour feeding session in week one. I developed thrush on my nipples and found I was almost in tears at every feed. I started to dread each feed and realised that it wasn't supposed to be like that. It was supposed to be this magical bonding experience that everyone had spoken about, wasn't it? Why was my experience not going to plan?

After receiving cream for my nipples that was safe for use during breastfeeding it started to ease and my journey continued until around ten months. I loved feeding and to think that I nearly gave up on so many occasions frightens me. I'm stubborn and extremely determined and if someone or something indicates that I can't do something then I'm sorry but I bloody well will : )  I didn't know things could happen where you might need a bit of support with breastfeeding and I certainly didn't realise where to get the support.

I started my Latch On training last week to become a trained peer supporter and I have to say I am so excited about attending the sessions. I met some amazing Mummies who are also training and some gorgeous babies who were so well behaved. I can't wait to be trained to offer assistance to anyone who needs it and to support my next breastfeeding journey with our little girl due in January.

So, is it a walk in the park? From others experiences I've heard that it may not be but having the support and information on what to do if something doesn't quite go smoothly is what matters. You/we are not alone!

From this Saturday we are starting Latch On drop in sessions in the shop at Eva's World, 146 Cornwall Street, Plymouth. Jemma, a fully trained peer supporter will be delivering them from 11:00am to 12:30pm every Saturday. Come in and feed your little one, gain advice and ask any questions you may have. Meet other breastfeeding Mums and of course partners are more than welcome.

Phone Christina on 01752 600843 for more information or just pop in and see us on Saturday!

Comfy sofas await and are available to use for feeding at any time we are open. (We encourage breastfeeding but if you have chosen to bottle feed or have moved on from your breastfeeding journey then you are also VERY welcome) No purchase necessary just pop in and get comfy : )

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