Classes: Sing and sign

Classes: Sing and sign

Classes: Sing and sign

Our classes are open to babies from birth, as soon as you feel you would like to get out with your baby and enjoy some music together while learning how to really make the most of early communication. We will offer a free trial session, availability permitting. 

We offer three stages 

Babes - our new pre-Stage 1 curriculum for the youngest babies (under 7 months) is a gentle music and sensory class with a strong emphasis on communication.

Stage 1 - our core curriculum award winning class for 6 - 14 months

Stage 2 - continue the fun with your toddler 15 months plus, as speech develops

I began my Sing and Sign journey as a parent, attending classes with my eldest son Milo who is 4 now. We loved coming to class; meeting other parents and babies, singing and of course, learning to sign. We enjoyed practicing our favourite signs at home and I was amazed by the results. Being able to communicate with my baby at such a young age was wonderful and his speech developed extremely quickly too.

Milo enjoyed the interactive classes and I was so impressed by the programme I decided I really wanted to be a bigger part of it. I began teaching classes for the previous business owner Jo and loved every minute of the classes I taught before having baby number 2. Rupert is 2 now; he's attended all stages and has used the signs so much to communicate with us all! Milo also enjoys signing with his brother, teaching him everything he knows and delighting in understanding him!

Many parents have already discovered the benefits of signing with their baby, and our award winning classes are (as you may have gathered) filled very quickly. (Please note for twins - one child goes FREE!)

If you are not able to attend class, please don't miss out on the joys of signing with your baby! Most parents who attend our classes like to also get our DVD or Online Membership for home use and this is an ideal way to learn our approach and enjoy the songs and main content of class before a place becomes available.

Please visit our online shop for details on how to order, or purchase from me direct by contacting me.....

You can contact me by phone (07868708536) or EMAIL

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Amie X